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All contestants are eligible for these awards. 

Each contestant will receive an award certificate.

Some awards will come with additional prizes, please see prize packages for more info.

Fast Track Awards

Awards labelled with FAST TRACK will see the winners fast tracked into the finalists when activated.

If Fast Track is not activated, awards will still be awarded there will just be no finalist cut in the pageant.

Fast Track Awards are  activated when 15+ contestants are competing.

Best in Interview

Fast Track Award

The contestant who receives the highest score in interview will win this award.


Best In Speech

Fast Tack Award

The contestant who receives the highest score in public speaking round will win this award.

People's Choice

Fast Track Award

The contestant who receives the most votes in our online voting will win this award.

Social Media Queen

Fast Track Award

The contestant who receives the most interactions on their official contestant announcement post on our social channels will win this award.

Miss Photogenic

Contestants will submit a photo of themselves which will be displayed in the lobby area at the pageant. The audience will vote for a winner in each age division based on who they feel is the most photogenic.

Miss Congeniality

The contestants vote on this award and choose the person they feel was the most genuine and friendly.

Miss Scholastic

The contestant who receives the highest score in the scholastic exam will win this award.

Most Ticket Sales

The contestant who sells the most tickets to pageant events will win this award.

* May not be awarded in 2022

Best In Evening Gown

The contestant who receives the highest score in the evening gown round will win this award.

Miss Fashion

The contestant who receives the highest score in the fashion round will win this award.

Best In Resort Wear

The contestant who receives the highest score in the resort wear round will win this award.

Miss Fundraiser

The contestant who earns the highest donation for their silent auction item will win this award.


Promising Young Woman

This young woman is a diamond in the rough and we see great potential in her. She is an up and coming queen. We will choose one lady from each age division to win this award.


Miss Ambassador

The contestant who displays the best ambassador skills in presenting their silent auction item(s) will win this award.



Contestants who have a stage talent may wish to enter this optional award category.

Contestants will submit a video audition of their talent prior to the pageant. A judging committee will narrow down the entrants to a selection of finalists who will perform on pageant night.

All performances must be a maximum of 90 seconds. Only talents that can be performed on stage will be considered. (Note: Stage size is limited)

The number of finalists and the types/number of talent awards will be determined by how many entrants and types of talents enter the competition.

For example: We may choose to award a Best Musical Talent and a Best Physical Talent...


We've partnered with the charity organization Gems for Gems

gems for gems.png

Gems for Gems is on a mission to end the cycle of domestic abuse and they are inviting you to join them!

Their first and founding initiative is their Jewelry Drive! They collect gently used jewelry from the community, clean, package and give them as Christmas gifts on Christmas morning to women in shelters across Canada!

We want you to reach out to your networks and collect as much jewelry as you can! Bring it all in the day of the Pageant to be weighed and the contestant with the highest weight in collected jewelry will win a gift package from Gems for Gems and the Charity Award!

You can also invite your guests coming to watch the pageant to bring jewellery with them to the show as well. We will weigh & collect all audience donations and add them to your total.

Sponsor one of our awards

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