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  • Do you need experience to participate?
    No, experience is not necessary. We are looking for women to let their personalities shine. Both novice and experienced pageant competitors will enjoy their experience.
  • Is there an entrance fee?
    We regret we must charge an entrance fee. The pageant is self-supporting and relies upon entrance fees to cover production costs.
  • Are there any other dates other than pageant day?
    Yes, there are other dates. Please check your age divisions info page for a schedule of events. If you have a date conflict please contact us as alternative arrangements can usually be made to accomodate you.
  • When are rehearsals?
    We host a rehearsal night and additional rehearsals on pageant day. Please see your age division's info page for a schedule of events.
  • May I seek sponsors?
    Yes, you may seek sponsors to cover your entrance fee costs and for the required fundraising element. Contestants will be given the opportunity to thank their sponsors during the speech competition, at our fashion show fundraiser & at the pageant during their introduction segment.
  • Do you have a non-compete clause?
    We have a limited non-compete clause. We ask our titleholders to discuss and get written permission to compete in another pageant. It is our goal to help you move onto the next level in pageantry. But we still want you committed to your title for the duration of your reign. We will not give permission to compete in another local or provincial pageant that will interfere with a titleholder completing her reign. Or when national pageants require you to take on another pageant title to compete in their pageant system. Should a titleholder be given permission to compete nationally or internationally and she wins a higher title, she may have to pass along her local title & crown to the 1st runner up. (at the discretion of the pageant director & dependant on length of reign remaining). * Our titleholders have permission to compete in; Miss Universe Canada or Miss Teenage Canada
  • Can I compete if I have tattoos
    You may have tattoos and compete in our pageants.
  • Is there a height requirement?
    There is no height requirement for our pageant system.

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