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9 New Titleholders Crowned

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

2019 marks an historic year for the Junior Miss Calgary Pageant!

From left to right: Sutton, Amethyst, Danica, Cali, Maiya, Elisha, Juliette, Rhys & Hope.

The Junior Miss Calgary Pageant took place on Feb 16th, 2019 at the Patricia A. Whelan Performance Hall in the Central Library.

Now under the production of Canadian Beauties the Junior Miss Calgary Pageant saw several new changes in 2019. Including a new venue, new competition categories and more awards.

The biggest and best change though came with the addition of a new age category (pre-teen) and 2 new competitive regions (Northern & Southern Alberta). Both these changes created 7 new

titles to be awarded. All in all we awarded 9 pageants titles this year, instead of 2.

Please help us congratulate our new titleholders.

Little Miss Calgary 2019 - Sutton

Little Miss Northern Alberta 2019 - Amethyst

Little Miss Southern Alberta 2019 - Danica

Junior Miss Calgary 2019 - Elisha

Jr. Miss Northern Alberta 2019 - Cali

Jr. Miss Southern Alberta 2019 - Maiya

Miss Pre-Teen Calgary 2019 - Rhys

Miss Pre-Teen Southern Alberta 2019 - Juliette

Miss Pre-Teen Northern Alberta 2019 - Hope

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